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Laura Callaghan

Newtown Acupuncture Centre


Like many practitioners, Laura was drawn to Chinese medicine while seeking understanding about her own health needs. After completing her degree in acupuncture in 2010, Laura followed the traditional path of an apprenticeship, working for 3 years under a Chinese practitioner with extensive experience in both NZ and China.

After 10 years of practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Laura continues to be surprised and excited by what this medicine offers. Seeing how often stress and emotional issues effect patients physical health, Laura is keen to share her knowledge of TCM and encourage those with mood related disorders to add acupuncture and TCM herbs to their self care regime.


Laura has a gentle and reassuring approach, and believes that through integrated medicine, we can get the best of everything. Laura currently practices acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine from Newtown Acupuncture Centre in Wellington, where she is the managing director.